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What is Google Keep? Uses and Features of Google Keep.

This article is most important for every students. In this article I am going to introduce you the most important tool of Google, which is Google Keep. In this article I am going to tell you What is Google keep? and lots of thing. So, read this article till end to know all about Google keep.

Google makes our life better day by day. Google providing us most important tools to run our daily life smoothly. This application or tool also a very important and very helpful.

What is Google Keep


  • What is Google Keep? 
  • Uses Of google keep.
  • Features of Google Keep.
  • Why Keep is important for us?

What is Google Keep?

Keep is a written tool and also an application for students and business uses. This tool is made for student to make their important notes. We can use our mobile or laptop as a note book and notepad by using Google Keep.

By the Google Keep we can write our important notes on important topic. Here we can use photos and background color which looks our notes so pretty.

Drawing facility also available here. We can add drawings, which is so helpful to science students and commerce students also.

After making notes we can send to our friends via email or we can save it to Google Drive. Reminder facility is also here, We can add reminder to our notes so that we can’t forgot our daily routine of reading.

In simply, Google Keep is a note maker application or tool developed by google.

Uses of Google Keep

Google Keep is used to make notes and I am also regular note maker on Google Keep. I makes notes to remember my daily routine and reading content.

If you are a student, this will help you lot, don’t need to carry book or copy to anywhere. Take your mobile with you, there you can read your important nots.

For a businessmen this will be very useful because carrying of some business file is difficult, in this case this Google Keep can be very helpful.

For a blogger this tool is most useful because anywhere they can write their content using picture and save it to Google Drive. Is also helpful to save out useful time.

Features of Google Keep

Google Keep has amazing useful feature. I am introducing you the most amazing features of Google Keep given below.

  • Simple to use and simple structure : Google Keep has so simple template where we can easily write our important notes. Anyone can use it because of its simple design. You can add color background which looks so amazing view.
  • Google Drive save facility : Your writing content you can easily save to Google Drive. Saving of Google Drive means your writing contents are safe. If you are a blogger you can save your content to Google Drive and you can publish it after.
  • Drawing and Picture facility : In your written content you can add picture to make is easy to understand and drawing facilities also available here. After drawing of picture you can add to your written content, which is very amazing feature of Google keep.
  • Reminder Facility : Reminder facility is very important facility which help us to be punctual. You can add reminder on a note so that you can read the note timely.
  • Mail sent Facility : You can sent you written note to your friend and family or anyone by email. It saves our little more time.
  • Web version also available : You can use Google keep as an application and you can use it also web version. Web version of google Keep is https://keep.google.com.  I am providing you the play store link of Google Keep to download Google Keep application.

Why Google Keep is Important for us

Google Keep is very important and useful tool for us. You already know before the all the uses of Google Keep and you know that how it is important.

For student, Businessmen, Blogger, Writer it is like a buddy. It saves our little more time and If your mobile or laptop have Google Keep tool then you don’t need to carry any copy or note and notebook. Google Keep works like your notebook or a copy.


You get lots of knowledge on“What is Google keep” and what are its uses etc. I want to say as a blogger I am a regular user of Google Keep. It helps me lot. I hope you will use this most useful tool of Google.

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