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What is domain name server (DNS)?

This article is important for every internet user and web developer because in this article I will tell you What is domain name server with example.  Domain name server or DNS is not a small thing in internet world. DNS is a major system in internet. DNS or Domain Name server is also called domain name system. Before know about the what is Domain Name Server you should know about Domain.

Sometimes it is seen that internet is slow down because of DNS server and in that case you can easily speed up your internet by changing DNS server form your pc.

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What is domain name server (DNS)?

What is domain name server

At first I want to tell you about domain so that you can understand “What is domain name server” easily. So, what is domain ?

Domain in simple is a address or name of you website, blog or any kind of site. With these domain any people can easily come to your website and see it. A domain name can be any combination of letter or numbers and it can be used with various combination of domain name extensions like .com, .org, .net etc.

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Example: If we take the example, Here, techbick is a domain name and .com is its extension.

One more thing I want to tell you, which is important that every domain mane is unique and two website can’t run in one website.

Ok, I hope your doubt is now cleared about domain. Now we can discuss about what is domain name server?

The actual internet protocol recognizes only an IP number. The domain naming convention was introduced only for the user’s Convenience. Therefore, it is obvious that some mechanism of translation between domain names and IP address and vice-versa, was required. This telephone directory or phonebook in the internet context in the electronic server called the domain names service.

Every host on the internet looks up a DNS to find another host. A DNS is not a separate computer but an electronic directory, which is maintained on almost all host computers. Every host on internet refers to at least two such DNS’s call the primary and secondary DNS.

Uniform Resource Locator (U.R.L) is a main object on DNS. So, I want to tell you about URL.

The Uniform Resource Locator (U.R.L.) is the address that identifies a website. In other word, it is a standard way to address web pages.

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For Example:

  •          [URL] 
  •  http                                                     [Protocol]
  • www                                                    [Host Computer]
  • .com                                                       [Domain Type]

IP or Internet protocol also plays an important role in DNS. I hope you understand “What is domain name server”? If you really understand it will be very happy moment for me.

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