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Show Owner Info on Lock Screen of Android Phone

Show owner info on Lock Screen of your Android phone. It is very useful and important for all of mobile user. It will help you other to know that it is your phone and if your phone lose then this owner information in your lock screen will be very helpful to you to find your phone.

This owner information sometimes will be very helpful to find your stolen phone. So, without wasting any time let’s learn the tutorial.

I am telling you that this process is so simple and your can easily add your or owner information in your lock screen. You need to follow this simple three steps.

How to show owner info on lock screen? 

This features mostly available in all android phone. You can find this option in you phone setting. OK, let’s learn the complete steps with picture.

1) Simply open your mobile Setting and go the Security option.

Show owner info on Lock Screen

2) Under the security option you will find the option Owner info, simply click there.

Show owner info on Lock Screen

3) Then type the all information like name, address etc. which you want to show in the lock screen.

4) Then check the Show owner info on lock screen option. By default it will be unchecked.

Show owner info on Lock Screen

This process is done and if you don’t want to show to information on you lock screen then you can simply uncheck this (show owner info on lock screen) option. Now this process is completed. Don’t leave by just reading, implement it now.


I hope you understand how can you show owner info on lock screen of your android phone? and what is it’s importance briefly. I hope this article will be very useful for you. If you find this article is useful and important then you can share it and help to another.

One one more thing, if your have any kind of question regarding this topic then your can freely ask me.

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