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Meaning of Internet Protocol (IP). Know your IP address

Internet Protocol or IP address is a main thing in internet. Every internet user must know about the meaning of Internet Protocol or IP address. Did you know whole internet connectivity is through Internet Protocol. If you want to know about DNS, at first you need to know about the meaning of Internet Protocol.

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So, friends in this article I will tell you about the meaning of Internet Protocol and I will tell you a tips to know your IP address.

meaning of Internet Protocol

Meaning of Internet Protocol (IP)

The two main functions of internet protocol (IP) are addressing and routing. It assigns on the data packets and then sends the packets over the network. Sending of packets internet using TCP (Transmission control protocol)/IP is called routing.

IP is for communication between computers. IP is a “connection-less” communication protocol. IP does not occupy the communication line between two computers. IP reduces the need for network line. Each line can be used for communication between many different computers at the same time. With IP, massages (or other data) are broken up into small independent “packets” and sent between computers via the internet.

This is the simple concept and meaning of Internet Protocol, I hope you understand .

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How can you know your IP address?

To find your IP (Internet Protocol) address you need to just do a simple job.

  • Go to your web browser.
  • Search “my IP”

Your IP address will show.

 meaning of Internet Protocol

To know about IP address is important. This tips is so easy to know your IP address and you will try this tips.

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