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How To Use VPN Master For Free On Android?

How to use VPN master?, What is the using process of the VPN master for free on android? And many more questions can come to your mind when you are going to secure your Android mobile using VPN master. In this article you will get to answer all of your questions. So, you should read this till the end.

Before we start to tell you the complete process, you should know about the features of this free VPN. VPN master is completely free VPN. It will provide you the unlimited data bandwidth and you can select a particular location. VPN master provides you the more than 35 locations. And it has a speed test facility also.

I will provide you the download link of this app also so that you can download this app directly from here.

Let’s know how to use VPN master?

In this process I will also provide you the picture also so that you can understand easily. This process is only for Android users.

  • After install, open it and click the CONNECT option to connect with VPN.
how to use vpn master

To select a location

  • Click the location showing option and select one of them. If you are getting confused, see the picture given below.
how to use vpn master

To test the speed

  • Simply click the SPEED TEST option.
how to use vpn master
  • Then click START. 
how to use vpn master

To disconnect the VPN

  • To disconnect the VPN, click the DISCONNECT option.
how to use vpn master


I hope you understand how to use VPN master? The picture also helps you a lot. As I told VPN master is completely free so, you can use it to secure your mobile. If you find this article will be very important to someone, then you can share it with them. If you have any question regarding to this article then you can ask us freely.

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