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How To Use Hotspot Shield Free On Android

Hotspot Shield is well known and mostly used VPN. They provide free and paid both service. Their free services also have lot of features. In this article I am going to tell you “how to use Hotspot Shield” for free on your android mobile. I also provide you the download link of the app so that you can download directly from here.

I will tell you the every step one by one with picture so that you can understand easily. Don’t miss any line and stay with us till end.

Process To Use Hotspot Shield

Keep in mind the all process and use it now. You will find downloading link at the end of the article. Your mobile must have android version 4.1 and up to use this app.

  • After installing the app simply open it and click the cut option of the first page.

how to use hotspot shield

  • Than click GOT IT option to give the access of your phone.

how to use hotspot shield

  • After that Click Hotspot Shield Free option.

how to use hotspot shield

  • And than ON the Permit usage access.

how to use hotspot shield

  • And now simply tab the Connect button to connect with VPN.

how to use hotspot shield

  • To disconnect or stop the VPN, simply click the STOP option.

how to use hotspot shield

The process is completed, some mobile con’t show to on the permit uses access option. Than this app automatically access to your mobile.

Other Features and Using Process

Not only VPN, this app has lot of features. I am telling you compete process how to use other features of this VPN app, below.

1# Malware Scanning

Malware scanning features of this app is amazing. You can easily know is your mobile malware affected or not by clicking one option.

  • After connecting VPN you will get the Malware scan option. To scan your mobile simply click the SCAN option and this app will show your mobile is risk free or not.

how to use hotspot shield

2# Battery Booster

If you want to improve your battery life this app also help you. It will close your all back ground running apps so that your battery power can’t waste.

  • Simply click the Battery life EXTEND option and this app will automatically close your background apps.

how to use hotspot shield

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3# Mobile Cleaning

Mobile cleaning features of this app is amazing. This app will remove files those are not required so that the mobile can run smoothly.

  • Simply click the Deep cleaning INITIATE option to clean your mobile.

how to use hotspot shield

4# Data consumption

Data consumption feature will show you how much data or internet you consumed today or till this time.

  • Simply click the Data consumption SHOW option and the app will show you.

how to use hotspot shield

5# App auto protection

App auto protection features of this app enables the security of the listed app. It automatically enable secure access when lunching the apps.

  • To add you mobiles apps in auto protection click the plus (+) option and select the apps which you want to protect.

how to use hotspot shield


Hotspot shield is reputed VPN app developed by AnchorFree GmbH. Not only VPN in this app you can scan malware of your mobile also. I already tell you all features and it’s process above. I hope you understand how to use hotspot shield completely. If you have any question related this topic you can ask me. Don’t forget to share it with them who want to use best free VPN.

Visit Official Website of Hotspot Shield

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