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How to Backup Android Phone Before Factory Reset Easily?

“How to backup android phone before factory reset”? Yeah, you got correct this article will be very interesting and useful to all of us. You will get lots of knowledge from this article.

I will tell you the process to complete backup your android phone, about DRM reset, factory data reset and at last I will tell you why backup is most important.

One question can come to your mind, what is backup? In simple, backup means store your all data to another storage, so that you can get your data when you lost them. Don’t miss any step, read the step and follow them one by one. This will helpful you too much.

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How to Backup Android Phone Before Factory Reset Easily?

This is very simple and easy process, you need to follow the steps. One more thing I want to tell you that don’t leave it after reading this, implement this at the same time. So, without wasting time let’s start the tutorial.

1) At first go to the Setting on your mobile phone and then click on the Backup & reset option.

How to backup android phone before factory reset

2) Then check the Back up my data option.

How to backup android phone before factory reset

3) Then click on the backup account and then select you gmail address where you want to get backup.

How to backup android phone before factory resetHow to backup android phone before factory reset

4) Don’t forgot to check the option Automation restore option. This option is very important because if you check this option then your data will be automatically restore to your mobile phone after reset.

How to backup android phone before factory reset

This process is to backup your mobile phone is completed. one most important question can come to your mind that why backup is most important? Let’s know.

Why backup is most important?

Backup is most important for all of us, it reduce time. If we don’t get backup and if our data lost you can not recover your data and you can lost your important files, photo, contact number etc.

If your backup enabled then you can be fear free. You can reset your mobile anytime if you want. And if you deleted you some contact wrongly, be free from fear because you have a backup.

So, backup is most important for our data safety. Not only recover, If you buy a new phone then you also can collect your data from there.

What is DRM reset?

At first you need to know what is DRM? The full meaning of DRM is digital rights management. DRM create restrictions on illegal or unauthorised  use of a product like software, application, song, video etc.

Reset DRM means resets or delete of all licenses of our device.

What is factory data reset?

In the system of factory data reset, all our data will be removed. The device will erase our all photos, music, application, google account or any other account, video etc. When your mobile is hanging and your mobile working slow then you can reset your data.

Important think always keep in mind. Don’t forget to remove your memory card of reset your mobile phone.


I hope you perfectly understand “How to backup android phone before factory reset”? You can reset your mobile phone if you find any problem and don’t think that reset will be harmful for you mobile phone.

At last if you find this article is will be helpful to you, then you can share it with another. And if you have any question regarding this topic then you can ask me.

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