How to avoid being hacked on Facebook
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How to avoid being hacked on Facebook?

How to avoid being hacked on Facebook?, Lets know: We are well known with Facebook. Now a days Facebook is not only for communicate with each other but it’s very useful to promote your business also. Any way, In this article I am going to tell you about protection your Facebook account.

Facebook is safe to use but if you not sated your Facebook account perfectly then hacker can easily hack your Facebook account. In this article I will tell you how to avoid being hacked on FacebookThis tips for those who is really serious with his Facebook account.

If you want to make your Facebook account anti-hacking this article will be very important for you. So, read this article till end so that you can understand this article perfectly.

How to avoid being hacked on Facebook?

I will tell you 7 strong tips in this article so that hacker can’t hack your Facebook account easily. So, read this tips and implement to your Facebook account. I hope it will help you lot.

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1# Choose anti-hacking password

how to avoid being hacked on Facebook

Password is an very important protection system in any kind of internet security protection. Did you know 123456 most used password in the world. If are using password like this, I mean too easy then change it immediately because hacker can hack your password easily.

So, I am strongly suggest you that don’t choose a easy and easily remembered password, which is not secure.

How to choose a strong password : 

I already told you that don’t choose a easy and easily remembered password and don’t choose a password which is easily catch able like your name, your title, your mobile number etc. Tips to choose a strong password is provided below

  • Choose password more then 10 character.
  • Choose password with the combination of Capital letter, Small letter, #, @, ?, Number etc.

Suppose, your password is ABCD, then write it as 12#AbcD@?32#. I hope you follow this step which will helpful to you lot.

One more thing, don’t choose any kind password generator. Choose password from your own mind and keep changing your password in one month, it will protect your Facebook a lot.

2# Keep on 2 step authentication

how to avoid being hacked on Facebook

Two step authentication or two step verification is a powerful password protection step. Two step verification is implemented so that any one can’t login to your account after knowing your password. OK, let’s see how you can on the two step authentication.

How can you on two step authentication : 

Go to Setting > Security and login > Click two step authentication > provide your current password > on the two step authentication

I suggest you that you must on the two step authentication. After on the two step authentication, at the time of login the Facebook will send you a code, you just need to put that to login.

3# Don’t login Facebook in unknown web browser

how to avoid being hacked on Facebook

Unknown application, browser is dangerous in case of security. I am not telling you that all unknown applications are harmful but it will be better to not use any kind of unknown application or web browser.

If you login your Facebook account the browser can save that without seeking your permission so, Keep safe your Facebook. Use only well known web browser.

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4# Don’t connect your Facebook account with unknown apps and games

how to avoid being hacked on Facebook

When we open an application or game it is generally seen that to login using Facebook account and without thinking we put our Facebook password and email to login. Did you know they collection our Facebook information and also collecting our emails public information etc.

If you want to connect your Instagram, Twitter account then you can connect them without any fear but If  Facebook is not connect application which is not reputed and not trusted then avoid those application to connect Facebook account.

So, my suggestion is that don’t connect your Facebook with games and unknown games, which can be a harmful to your PC.

How to remove already connected apps and games from facebook

Go to setting > Apps and websites > under preferences the apps and Games will be shown > remove them by clicking remove 

5# Don’t save password to your browser

how to avoid being hacked on Facebook

We generally save our password so that we don’t need to re login our Facebook. I want to tell you that this is not secure and safe. When you save your password, it will save to the browser and hacker can easily hack your password by attacking our browser.

So, don’t save your password to your web browser. Without saving it write your password and and login email to your diary, it is safe then save your password and login email to your web browser.

6# Keep “only me” your contact information

how to avoid being hacked on Facebook

In is also a very important in the list of how to avoid being hacked on Facebook? The content information contains with Mobile number, Email, Address etc. These are your private information. So, don’t public it. Keep it Only Me so that no one can watch your content information.

Your email, mobile number can be misuse by any one so, safe your self.

7# Logout your Facebook after using it

how to avoid being hacked on Facebook

One common problem with us that you don’t logout our Facebook after using it. I suggest you logout it. If you are using Facebook application then you can leave without logout but if you are using the web browser to open your Facebook then it will be very dangerous for your security.

So, my suggestion is that don’t leave without logout Facebook if you are using Facebook in a web browser.


I hope you understand  how to avoid being hacked on Facebook? One thing I want to tell you that this tips are strong to safe your Facebook but hackers are too smart, they can easily hack your Facebook account. So, my last suggestion is that don’t click and like on the unknown link.

If you have an question and doubt then ask me in comment.

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