how the internet infrastructure works
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How the internet infrastructure works?

One interesting thing with internet that internet is not in control of one hand. We are using internet form too many years but do you think how the internet infrastructure works? You answer may be No or may be yes. If you didn’t know how the internet infrastructure works, I will tell you in this article.

If we look to the history of internet, the internet technology is developing in quick way from 15 years. In 4G speed we experiencing high speed internet now a days. So, we can say internet technology of 2018 is developed in compare to 2010. I know the comparison makes not any sense but I am just telling you the development of Internet.

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Now we should come back to our point, I am going to tell you the working process of Internet infrastructure in simple way so that you can understand simply.

how the internet infrastructure works

How the internet infrastructure works

Computers and equipment with in any network are basically connected with each other with the help of communication media such as cables, Fiber optics etc. The messages move across the network with help of networking protocols.

All computer networks are not a part of the internet, and therefore, they may different protocols. Even they exchange information and massages.

This is done through a gateway

A protocol is a standard that controls of enables the data transfer between two computing end-points. I am going to give you the picture below so that you can learn easily how the internet infrastructure work.

how the internet infrastructure works

The National Science Foundation (NSF) created the first high speed backbone in 1987, called MSFNET. Backbones are typically fiber optic trunks lines. It has multi-fiber optic cables connected together to increase the capacity. Today, there are many companies that operates their own high speed. Capacity backbones and all of them interconnected. In this way, everyone on internet no matter where they are and what company they use is able to talk to everyone else on the earth. The backbone network used in local area network is shown in the picture above.


You need to know the one more thing that internet is not a small thing it is a large technology which we can’t assume. We can say Internet is the combination of IP, DNS and too many thing. I hope you find this article is helpful and you get the answer “how the internet infrastructure works”.

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