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How the computer mouse works?

This article for all computer lover. We are always using computer and laptops but do you think”How the computer mouse works“? Your thinking is right, this article is all about computer mouse.

In this article I am going to tell you how the computer mouse works with picture so that you can learn easily. This article will be very helpful and interesting right? Read this article without avoiding any line so that you can understand easily.

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How the computer mouse works

At first, lets look at the history of computer mouse which you should know after that we will back to our topic. We should thankful to Douglas Engelbart, who is the inventor of mouse. The mouse was invented in 1964 and it was constructed with wooden shell. Later in 1972 a mouse was invented by Bill English which is called “Ball Mouse”. In 1988 Lisa M. Williams and Robert S. Cherry invented the optical mouse.

This was the small history of computer mouse. Ok! now we should back to the tropic.

How the computer mouse works

We know that computer is a output hardware device. It is connected with via wired or without wire. The common type of mouse has a ball inside it that extends just below the housing. When the mouse is slide on a flat surface, the ball rolls.

Below picture shows how moving a mouse diagonally causes the rollers to rotate. The two small rollers that touch the mouse and spin when ball rolls. A sensor detects how much each roller spin and sends this information and changes the position of the on screen pointer to correspond to the position indicated by the mouse.

How the computer mouse works

The mouse sends an interrupts request directly to CPU. The program that is running checks regularly to see whether the mouse has been used, if it is used, then program reads a memory location to see what happened, then reacts approximately.


I tried to tell you simply”How the computer mouse works“and I hope you guys really find this article is helpful. And the picture will helps you lot to understand the working process of a computer mouse.

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