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Easy method to get Gmail notification on your desktop screen.

You are facing the problem like me? I mean, I missed too many important emails from my client or from my relatives. But now I solved the problem and I am going to tell you how you can  get Gmail notification on your desktop screen. The process is very easy and simple, you can easily do it. This article is going to be very helpful to you. You need to just to follow the steps one by one and your email will not be missed. You will get gmail notification on your desktop when you receive a mail.

Step by step trainings to get Gmail notification on your desktop screen.

Friends, do you want to receive Gmail notification on Desktop or Laptop? If your answer is Yes, then this tutorial will be helpful for you. Getting notification on your desktop screen is saving you a lot of time, especially when you are at work. From now you don’t need to login at Gmail every day. You need to just follow this step and your process will successful.

  • At First You need to Sign in on your Google Chrome browser.
  • Then click on down arrow button showing in the corner of the browser page, then click settings under multiple options.
get Gmail notification on your desktop.
  • After then scrolling down the page and click New mail notifications on option under the Desktop notifications heading.
get Gmail notification on your desktop
  • Then scroll down the page and click Save Changes.
get Gmail notification on your desktop

The process is not complete you just need to do one more thing to ‘get Gmail notification on your desktop’ or PC.

  • You will get a notification. On there, click on Click here to enable.
get Gmail notification on your desktop
  • After that a popup will be open to enable desktop Gmail notifications. On there, click Allow.
get Gmail notification on your desktop


Now the  process  is complete. Hope you understand the process and now your important mail will not be missed. I want to tell you that don’t use any app to or any tool, you don’t know about the apps or tools those are can be harmful to your PC. Use this method to”get Gmail notification on your desktop“or PC.

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