computer accepts input from keyboard
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How computer accepts input from keyboard.

This article is going to be very helpful and most interesting for you.  In this article I will tell you how a computer accepts input from keyboard. In this article we used picture so that you can learn easily how a computer accepts input from keyboard or how a keyboard work.

I know you are so excited to know how a keyboard works? So, friends keep reading this article if you really want to know how a keyboard work.

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Learn how computer accepts input from keyboard

The whole process of keyboard sending data is shown the below picture. A tiny computer chip, called Keyboard Controller notes that key has been pressed. The keyboard controller places a code into a part of its memory called the keyboard buffer indicating which key is pressed. This code is called the key’s scan code. The keyboard controller then signals the computer’s system software that something has happened at the keyboard. It is does not specify what has occurred.

Watch the picture given below to understand perfectly how a “computer accepts input from keyboard”.

computer accepts input from keyboard

The signal the keyboard sends to the computer is a special kind of massage called an interrupt request.

The control sends an interrupt request to the system software when it receives a complete keystroke. For example, if you want to type letter B the controller immediately issues an interrupt request (if you hold down shift key before typing B, the controller waits until the whole key combination entered).

When the system software receives an interrupt request, it evaluates the request to determine the appropriate response. When a key press has occurred, the system reads the memory location in the keyboard buffer that contains the scan code of the key that was pressed. It then passes the key scan code to the CPU.

Infect, the keyboard buffer can store a number of keystrokes at once.

I hope friends you understand easily how a “computer accepts input from keyboard“. If you find really this article is very helpful, our aim is success.

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