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Change theme on Chrome Browser

Google chrome browser has too many features. In Google chrome we can add too many extensions and we can add or change amazing and beautiful theme. In this article I will tell you the steps how we can change theme on chrome browser.

The theme increases the beauty of any browser. Adding of theme is not a difficult task, it is so easy. You need to just follow the steps to add or change theme on chrome. 

And I also tell you the steps how you can remove theme from Google chrome browser. So, friends keep reading this article till end which will help you lot.

Step to change theme on Chrome Browser

Follow the steps to add theme and after then I will tell you how you can change the theme and then I will teach you the process to remove the theme. So, read this article till end to know all this things.

1# Add theme on Chrome Browser

  • At first you need to click on the three dot shown in the top corner in the chrome browser.
  • Then click to the Setting.

change theme on Chrome

  • Then click on the Theme under the Appearance.

change theme on Chrome

  • After then chrome browser will show you the lots of beautiful amazing theme, you just need to click on the theme which you want to add.

change theme on Chrome

  • Then click on the Add to Chrome, shown in the right up corner in the browser (it will take few minute depends upon your internet speed).

change theme on Chrome

The process to add theme one chrome is complete. Now I will teach you how you can change theme on chrome.

2# Change theme on Google Chrome

  •  Just click on the three button shown in the right top corner in the Google chrome.
  • Then click on Setting.

change theme on Chrome

  • Click the Theme option under the Appearance.

change theme on Chrome

  • Then click the theme which you want to the add in chrome.

change theme on Chrome

  • And after then click on the Add to chrome.

change theme on Chrome

The process to change theme on Google chrome browser is now complete. Now, we will learn how to remove theme on chrome browser.

3# remove theme from Chrome Browser

  • To remove the theme, just go to the Setting.
  • After then click on the RESET TO DEFAULT. 


The whole process is really so easy right? The following questions can come to your mind at the time to add the theme.

Is this themes is effecting the internet speed of my browser?

Your mind can ask this types of question. I want clear this topic is that using of theme do not create any effect on your internet speed. I am also using beautiful theme of chrome. These themes are amazing, you should use it. It can’t slow down you internet speed.

Is it harmful for my privacy and security?

These themes are so sweet and beautiful and these theme are for create beauty look of your chrome browser. It don’t effect on your privacy. You can use these theme without any kind of fare.


I hope you learn little more knowledge from this article. I hope this article will help you lot. I hope you use this simple tips to “change theme on chrome” browser.

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