3 types of artificial intelligence
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3 types of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This article will be very interesting and very helpful to you friends because in this article I am going to tell you the 3 types of artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is also shortly known as AI. AI used in all over technology field. Lots of mobile and computer games are AI based game. Are you excited to know about AI? OK! I will tell you. Before you know about the 3 types of Artificial Intelligence one question can come to your mind that what is Artificial Intelligence or AI?

I will tell you in simple way so that you can easily understand what is Artificial Intelligence ? But in the last of this article and also I will tell you the history of Artificial Intelligence.

3 types of artificial intelligence

3 types of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Mainly Artificial Intelligence can be divided into three categories, Weak AI, Strong AI and Singularity. I am going to give some knowledge to you about the categories of AI in simple way.

Weak AI

Weak Artificial Intelligent in known as Narrow Artificial Intelligence. This AI system we are using from many years. This AI system is used in Games, Air Traffic Control system and in too many systems. Narrow Artificial Intelligence is a those types of intelligence which is used for specific purpose.

Strong AI

Strong Artificial Intelligence also known as General Artificial Intelligence. In this field of intelligence, a machine can behave like a human. They have their own thinking power and they will have emotions. In this stage of intelligence a machine can take his decision himself. The researches is going on, general AI based machine will be seen very soon.


Singularity is the last stage under the 3 types of Artificial Intelligence.  Singularity stage will come after the stage of General Artificial Intelligence. Singularity stage also known as Super Artificial Intelligence. In this stage machines will start to make machines. According to the experts this stage can be dangerous for human.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the area of computer science focusing on developing machines that engage on behavior that human consider intelligent. The researchers are creating system which can mimic thoughts, understand speech and other facts. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology also called the knowledge processor. The AI means automatic programs that let the machines to think and decide themselves.

The programming languages LISP (List Processor) and PROLOG (Programming with Logic) are used for artificial intelligence. The scientists at ICOT in Japan use the PROLOG to develop the Artificial Intelligence software.

Brief History of AI

According to the Bloomberg (A International News Agency)’s Jack Clark, 2015 was the main year for AI. You know that name of Google comes up in the AI field, in 2012 more than 2700 AI based software project signed by Google. But the history of Artificial Intelligence not from 2012, the field of Artificial Intelligence research was born at a workshop of Dartmouth College in US in 1956. Allen Newell, Herbert Simon, Jhon McCarthy, Marvin Minsky and Arthur Samuel became the founder and leaders of AI research.

The progress of AI field slowed in 1974. The founders of AI found difficulty of some remaining task. Anyway, in the late 1990 and early 21th century AI began to be used for logistics, data mining, medical diagnosis and other field. Deep Blue was the first computer in AI field where Chess Playing system was developed in 1997.

I hope you guys get little more knowledge about the “3 types of Artificial Intelligence” and also what is AI? and many more. Thank you so much for reading this article and one more thing you can share your thought and any kind of question in comment.

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